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Continental Event Hire Review – Marquee Hire Specialists

There can be a huge variation in the style and quality of marquee hire available, from the basic “tent” with peg and pole, spring-tops for fetes, clear span units through to magnificent big-tops.   Continental Event Hire is renowned to be the supplier of premium quality equipment for hiring marquee Christchurch, Canterbury and leading events, South Island wide.

marquee hire christchurchPresentation begins with investing in quality product, along with maintaining and cleaning the equipment.  Continental Event Hire has imported a range of excellent marquees, and also installed a on of New Zealand’s only state of the art marquee cleaning machine in order to ensure their marquees are immaculate.

Continental has long been recognised as marquee hire Christchurch specialists.  Their catalogue of equipment extends to supply of flooring, lighting, furniture and an extensive range of catering equipment to support the Continental Event Catering division of the company.  Their services extend past catering Christchurch, to reach the entire South Island, including Marlborough, Queenstown, West Coast Nelson and Canterbury.

Wedding marquees are a speciality of Continental.   The option of using a marquee hire for your wedding reception, allows flexibility for you to choose the preferred location of your venue, style and theme using Continental’s range of furniture, silks, dance-floors, heating and light fittings.   Continental has French doors available and combined with clear walls; you can a vista of perhaps a vineyard, garden, beachfront or mountains as a backdrop to the bridal table.

Continental Event Hire also offers a comprehensive range of catering hire equipment, including catalogue of glassware, crockery and cutlery and linens.  Choose from traditional styles through to contemporary and combine with their furniture options to personalise your event.

catering christchurchYour home can become the perfect venue for a private party and marquee hire allows you to expand your guest list with the extension to your dining room or lounge, with a marquee.   A marquee hire for a kitchen can be added if the event is too large for Continental to use your own house kitchen.

Large events are also Continental’s speciality.   Their marquee hire is supplied for Kaikoura Seafest, New Zealand Pro-Am Golf Championships events including the Michael Hill Open in Arrowtown, Warbirds Over Wanaka and Knights of the Sky Omaka, Marlborough Wine & Food Festival and Wild Food Festival in Hokitika.

The latest edition to the Continental range of marquee hire Christchurch is the Losberger.  This unit has a larger span of 20m x 40m and the quality of the walling material allows for total black out an ideal use for trade-events where audiovisual presentations are required.  Two Losberger units were imported by Continental in 2011, to especially cater for the marquee Christchurch; New Zealand Cup and Show Week.

Experience counts with Continental, who have a team of professional marquee hire specialists.  From advice on building permits, accessibility for construction and dismantling options through to budget management, a dedicate Event Coordinators and Marquee Hire Managers are available to assist.

New Zealand Vets and Veterinary Clinic Review

Most vets in Christchurch and New Zealand offer a wide range of services and animal care…and the team at VetEnt are no different. Each veterinary clinic owned and managed by VetEnt throughout Christchurch and New Zealand specialise in pet services such as grooming, routine check ups and even emergencies.

Many people feel that pets are more than just animals, they are companions and friends showing affection towards their owners. Pets need to be taken care of and part of taking care of them is making sure they are in good shape and in good health.

These animals are just like people; they can get sick and feel pain. And just like any other family member, when a pet gets sick, it needs to see the doctor – the animal doctor or veterinarian of course. Vets like those at VetEnt are 100% committed to handling all emergencies and check-ups etc to help restore your pet’s health.

VetEnt is the leading veterinary clinic and practice in Christchurch and even throughout New Zealand. They have over 70 VetEnt veterinary clinics throughout the world.  Their main focus is on caring for animals and they are always searching for good employees who share the same love for animals.

Every Educaid Store Review

After seeing the Every Educaid Facebook page and the various promotions and sales on offer, the team at Christchurch Business review decided to visit the store at 467 Papanui Road, Christchurch. The size and spacing of the store not only showcases the various toys and games on offer, it also gives customers a pleasant shopping environment that’s not cramped and easy to walk around.

Our favourite selection of games was the range of cool maths games for kids, although a special mention must be made for the reading games on offer which are a great way to promote literacy and vocabulary in children. We found the staff at Every Educaid very helpful and friendly, especially considering that shopping for education toys, games and activities for kids can be challenging for even the most seasoned parent! After visiting the store a second time during their Xmas Sale, we enjoyed the experience so much that we ‘Liked’ the Every Educaid Facebook page and now receive regular updates and status notifications of various specials, sales and promotions.

We cannot wait to see them again although after all the shopping we’ve done, the credit card balance may briefly hold us back!

Countrywide Distributors – Wholesale food suppliers review

Countrywide Distributors is a food company specialising in supplying wholesale food, wholesale meat, whole fish and frozen food to the food industry in New Zealand. Quality food and freshness are priorities in this industry and reliable supply of ingredients is very important to maintain standards and food safety.

Whole food suppliers like the team at Countrywide Distributors need to run the business with military precision, ensuring that the right frozen foods, wholesale meat and fish including fresh produce and dry goods arrive at various food service establishments and catering companies countrywide.

Based in Christchurch, this company is a leading provider to New Zealand’s ever growing food service industry and with an established reputation, Countrywide Distributors will continue to be one of the preferred food suppliers to restaurateurs, hoteliers and other respected names in the hospitality industry.

Christchurch Windows and Doors Tips and Review

Rimu windows & doors

timber-bifold-doors-rosewoodPeople always ask me to use rimu when making wooden windows and doors, but although it’s been done in the past, rimu as a timber isn’t stable enough.  There’s a very high possibility of twisting and warping so I’d recommend using a more stable wood.  If you are dead set on the rimu look, you can use rimu in jambs or frames around the windows and doors (to create show wood reveals).  But if you use it for the window or door timber itself, you’ll get gaps.  No fun having bifolds that jam!

Any decent joiner is sticking away from it now, even on internal doors.

We recommend you use cedar instead.  It’s very stable, lightweight and looks great.

Traps when making bifold doors

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to ensure your joiner uses very good track systems on bifold doors and windows, to make them longer lasting, and smoother. If you don’t, the danger is that they start binding, and sagging.  It’s critical to get a system that is going to carry the weight.  Is so important to work out the weight.  Double glazed doors are much heavier.  I usually over-scope and over-engineer bifold doors.  I use a track system that carries 100kg per door leaf – double the weight of a double-glazed door.  It has an extra bearing that makes it smoother, and this cuts down wear.

As for recommended height, there’s no standard.  We just make to fit. Whatever you want!

I always advise to paint at least on the outside.  You should be restaining it at least once a year, and it’s a job that inevitably doesn’t get done as often as it should.

We’d normally make bifold doors out of cedar.  We’ve just made some out of rosewood which is a good stable hardwood, but it’s getting harder to get.  Stability of the wood is the most important thing.

By Adrian Harris, Master Joiner of bifold doors and windows and timber doors and windows Christchurch.

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